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Villa Design

-----Design Brief

Project Type: Residential
Client: Mr.Rizwan ali
Project Scope: Trunk key (Design, supervision and execution)
Location: #oshkhangilgit
Covered Area: 4500sft
Estimated Cost: 15million
Project Duration: 6month
Status: Execution


The site is located in the mid of Oshkhan Valley, famous for its cherry blossoms in spring and lush greenery in summer.
The client having a strong business background wanted to build a house where he can enjoy spring, autumn, summer and sometimes winters. So it was a challenging demand to address all seasons under one roof with maximum privacy and insulation.According to the client’s demand, we decided to design two insulated zones that can be used for both major seasons also that can be flexible for minor seasons as well.
The summer zone is designed at the front with maximum openings and the winter zone at the back with least openings and dead views, separated by a central court, The summer zone has double height openings to capture the surrounding views but to create privacy for first floor we introduced mild steel pipe screen on front with a least weight. Adjacent to this screen there is first floor master bed balcony with a corner cut window that is capturing the best view of rakaposhi.
In order to reflect the local vibes we used local stone with mud finishes on envelope wall that are insulated with rock wool called wool cavity envelop walls.