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Mullberry House

-----Design Brief

Project Type: Residential
Client: Mr.Asif Ali 
Project Scope: Trunk key (Design, supervision and execution)
Location: Gilgit
Covered Area: 5500sft
Estimated Cost: 25million
Project Duration: 24month
Status: Execution


A professional family wants to design a simple but an elegant and bold house within the inherited land with cluster of trees that are grown by their ancestors.
The flat and rocky site is surrounded by numbers of mulberry and safeda trees located in daniore gilgit.
The prime design consideration was to preserve the natural existing features within the site and to grow the building from the cluster without disturbing the remanence.
Initial design concept was derived from the cascading settlement of ancient valleys of gilgit baltistan called roof-terrace concept, so to achieve the concept of cascading from inside and outside of building the architect decide to rest the cubical masses on different levels that are juxtapose to each other while the cubical masses on front façade are aimed to make sure maximum privacy with a bold appearance from outside.
The house is extended up to two levels the lower level has two zones(public and semi public zone) while the upper level is totally private for family.
The public zone on lower level is allocated on front of building so one can get easily access without disturbing the rest functions inside, the interesting feature of the zone is floating balcony which is directly accessible from drawing room and is set towards the front garden.
The upper level has cantilevered bed rooms with maximum openings are extended towards the rear rock where there is swimming pool and backyard while the dead view functions(study room, kid room) are allocated on front of building with least cutted opening on side.
The brick screen with white, black and pink colors on right side of cuboid is design to reflect the physical appearance of white and black mulberry.