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Liaqat Residency

-----Design Brief

Project Type: Residential
Client: Liaqat Residency
Project Scope: Trunk key (Design, supervision and execution)
Location: Gilgit
Covered Area: 1200sft
Estimated Cost: 10million
Project Duration: 2 years
Status: Execution


House for a small family having a business background of metal is designed in mid of Gilgit city. The initial statement made by the client is,” a house that can interpret our profession with privacy and simple appreance.” The clean facade with minimum offsets and maximum metal usage is the result. The house is a 3 story structure with the ground floor comprising two court. The entrance court with foyer which is of triple height leading to main entrance to lounge and upper floor. While the rear court is fully opened to sky for maximum ventilation and greenery leading to the lounge. The lower level has one bedroom, kitchen and a living room connecting all spaces.
While upper level is totally private for family comprise of two master bed room with balcony, study area, kids room and order to create privacy in terrace metal mesh is used with wooden interlocked frames.
Abundant usage of metal is used on windows and door frames also c channel with Metal mesh is used to highlight the profession of client.